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Photography by Nicholas Roemmelt.

Back again from our 5000 mi road trip through northern California, Oregon and Washington I want to show you one of my favorite shots from that journey: probably one of the most impressive bristlecone pines growing in the whole „Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest“ in northern California.

You can find the oldest living organism (throughout the world) here in this park, too: The 4847 year old Methuselah pine has been outdone in years by a 5065 year old other pine that has been found in 2013 (germination in 3051 BC !!!). Neither "Methuselah" nor the older tree are marked in the forest, to ensure added protection from vandals.

I was pretty awestruck as I stood in front of this gnarly old pine, that had withstood wind and weather for millennia and probably germinated as the pharaohs walked the earth. What had those trees to tell if it was possible to ask them? Only the much older Milky Way can even unmask these trees as being youngsters.



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Renk Paleti


Makine : Canon EOS-1D X

Enstantane : 25

ISO : 6400

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