Landscape > Kinderdijk, Holland.


Photography by Remo Scarfò >

Kinderdijk windmills: unique & iconic water management.

A significant part of Holland is situated up to approximately 7 meters below sea level. The Dutch don’t notice any of this though, because an incredibly innovative and intricate system keeps the ever-rising seawater from flooding the land. Even during spring tide, the Dutch are safely guarded from being washed away…

The most important aspect of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk is undoubtedly the unique collection of 19 authentic windmills, which are considered a Dutch icon throughout the entire world.



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Renk Paleti


Makine : ILCE-7R

Lens : Carl Zeiss Vario T* 16-35mm f/4.0 ZA OSS

Odak Uzaklığı : 31mm

Enstantane : 1/2

Diyafram : F6.3

ISO : 100

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