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It was my xxx time at Mount Kirkjufell and every year it becomes more and more strange at this spot. When I arrvied this time, there were not only cars and more cars - busses stopped there and the passengers had 10 or 15 min time for a selfie or a typical shot. It is truely boring but the most horrible thing at all are selfie sticks! I am sorry but this is really disgusting to see people posing for themselves in a way of "hotspot collector". No interest in nature and everything around, just a "I was there". Waaaah! question



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Renk Paleti


Makine : X-T1

Lens : XF 16mm f/1.4

Odak Uzaklığı : 16mm

Enstantane : 2.3s

Diyafram : f5.6

ISO : 400


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